Bacchus In Rehab

by andy on October 24, 2010

A comedy romp by Andrew Hobbs and S P Howarth.

Stitched up by his nemesis Hades, ancient Greek god of wine Bacchus is finally expelled from Mount Olympus by Zeus for his debauched behaviour and is forced to give up drinking as he seeks a new purpose in his life in order to reclaim his throne among the gods. He meets a crowd of hopeless drunks, and helps to turn their lives around as he ponders his own libertine lifestyle and finds redemption through theatre and the woman he loves. Meanwhile Hades attempts to prevent his foe from achieving happiness by collaborating with killjoy civil servant Doris on what turns out to be the world’s least funny comedy in an attempt to defeat him at Bacchanal playwriting competition ‘The Omega Factor’.

The show combines highbrow concept with lowbrow humour, and is packed with laughs as well as a psychotic clown, a watchman unleashing his theatrical masterpiece by wrestling with a rubber hydra, and at its heart a moving story of redemption and love.

Images from 2009 production at the Etcetera Theatre

Directed by Andrew Hobbs
Photography by Tom Godber