Rasputin Rocks!

by andy on October 24, 2010

A rock musical by Andrew Hobbs and Alistair Smith.

Set in Russia in the near future, it features an insane Russian Emperor who, having been diagnosed with a terminal illness, decides to take the whole world with him in a global nuclear dawn. He has also discovered that the legendary Rasputin has never in fact died, but after his would be assassins failed to kill him, they instead chose to freeze him in a vast underground icy prison, which the Emperor has now located and released him from to aid him in his evil plan. Only hero of the free world Tony Blair and a group of revolutionaries obsessed with the cheesier aspects of Western culture stand between them and armageddon. All this happens to a soundtrack of classic rock, with a little doo-wop, Russian death metal and of course some good old musical theatre thrown in for good measure.

Images from 2008 production at the Kenton Theatre

Directed by Una Buckley
Video by Gonzalo Sousa